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Aragon Direct Services are Peterborough City Council’s chosen waste expert, managing waste and recycling services for local residents.

In addition, we offer a full waste management service to local businesses.

Why choose Aragon?

  • We offer regular or one-off collections
  • Peterborough based offering fast response times
  • Pricing and collection is tailored to suit your business needs
  • No hidden charges
  • We collect all waste types – recycling, residual, food, clinical, garden, hazard, bulky

Speak to us today - our friendly team are ready to help


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m only a small business. Can’t I just take my waste home and use my household waste bins?

No. Any waste produced as a result of business activity is classes as controlled waste and you have a ‘Duty of Care’ to ensure that it is disposed of correctly using a commercial waste service.

I don’t generate a lot of waste. Do I have to have my bins collected every week?

You don’t have to arrange a weekly collection. Your Account Manager will work with you to complete a waste audit and find a solution to suit your needs.

My business is not based in Peterborough. Can you still collect my waste?

Aragon Direct Services is Peterborough based and only collect waste from within the Peterborough area.

How do I get a quote for the collection of our commercial waste?

You can find all of our contact details on the get in touch page.

What size bins or containers do you provide?

We can provide bins from 180 litre to 1100 litre, depending on your needs.

I need a skip for a big clearance. What size skips can you provide?

We can provide skips from 6 yard to 40 yard.

My regular collection has already been, but I need some waste collecting urgently. Can you help?

Yes, get in touch. Our waste collection vehicles are out and about in Peterborough every day so we should be able to arrange an additional collection for you.

I am already an Aragon customer, how can I upgrade my bin size with you?

No problem, please contact our team to amend your contract and upgrade your bin size.

On our waste collection day, what time do we need to put the bins out?

Your bins should be out for collection from 6.00am

What happens if we forget to put our bins out in time?

Let us know and we will do our best to collect later in the day.

Do you collect bins on bank holidays?

We don’t work on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day or Bank Holiday Mondays, however we do work on Good Friday.

What our clients say

We needed help with collecting food waste from my business premises in the City Centre – Aragon set up a regular collection for me but they are always happy to do any additional collections if I need them.
Great service, I needed some additional rubbish collecting urgently – a quick call to Aragon and the rubbish was picked up the same day!
I have a small business and the amount of rubbish I have each week varies. Aragon came out to see me and set up a fortnightly collection schedule which works perfectly for my needs.