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Set your alarm for changes to recycling and waste bin collections

By Aragon Direct Services

From 1st March, residents are being reminded to ensure that their bins are out nice and early, from 6.45am, as the new city-wide changes to recycling and waste collections come into force. Some residents will have been assigned a new bin collection day whilst all residents will need to ensure that their bins are at the boundary of their property and ready for collection anytime between 6.45am and 6.00pm. Aragon Direct Services’, Director of Operations, Ian Spence told us; “it is really important we get the message out about the changes to our refuse collections, as we want to avoid any missed bins on our weekly rounds – all residents are affected by the new extended collection times and over half will have a new collection day. We have sent out information to all households, so hopefully nobody will get caught out by not having their bin out on the correct day at the correct time!”

Aragon have sent information to all households detailing the changes to collection times, it also serves as a really useful reminder to keep at home, ensuring residents know which items are suitable for their black, green and grey food-caddy bins. Managing Director, Kitran Eastman said; “whilst we have been informing residents of these operational changes via our leaflet, we have used the opportunity to try to increase our rates of recycling and food waste collection across the city – I hope everyone places the leaflet on their fridge as a handy reminder when it comes to items we throw away. We are also encouraging residents to ‘wash it and squash it’ before recycling – it would be great if the whole city could get behind this message”.

The city has grown rapidly over the last decade and, what was once a balanced and efficient collection model, now needs some changes. Over time we have seen a significant increase in the number of properties we collect from, with the majority of this growth occurring in the south of the Authority. This means that more vehicles and crews are needed at the end of the week than the beginning of the week. Therefore, we are changing the recycling and waste collection rounds to improve service efficiency, to even out the workload and to provide the platform for a better service for many years to come. This will also help the pressure on the number of Drivers which are needed at any one time.

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