Property & Cleaning

We offer a range of cleaning and building maintenance services through our fully-trained workforce.

Cleaning Facilities Management

We clean both the inside and outside of a number of public buildings and education establishments. We can do the same for you. Need a deep clean, a daily clean or a team to come in and tidy up after an event? Either on a one off or contract basis. Changing rooms and toilets needing sanitary upkeep? These are areas we can assist.

Property services

We can provide you with a Technical Property Advisor for technical support and advice on any building related queries. This includes all health and safety and statutory matters related to your building and, where appropriate, they will carry out contractor audits of works during and after the activity’s completion to ensure best practice and a high standard of work is provided to you. Equally where you have any projects / developments that are outside of maintaining your current infrastructure and will likely need professional services from the likes of Architects, Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Building Surveyors – we can manage those needs for you.

We can manage and programme your statutory and non-statutory inspection, testing and servicing needs and where repairs are needed we can assess, price up and deliver those repairs.

If something unexpected does happen at site, such as a burst pipe, a boiler failure on a Sunday or a break-in – we can provide out of hours support and advice from a Property Surveyor or Advisor on standby; and can coordinate an out-of-hours emergency response service.

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